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Happy gut, happy you!

A joint trip to South America made us aware of the importance of our microbiome and the composition of our intestinal bacteria. We realized how important the right bacteria are for our health! That was the beginning of mybacs. It is important to us to be a responsible brand and we are aware that the path is not always easy. The good news? We love challenges and we will not stop innovating and always looking for better solutions. That's what we and our team stand for!

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But why? Our organism has a fairly complex system of messenger substances - the hormones. Some of these are produced by the sex organs and in turn regulate the production and release of others. Based on this, there are different processes and chains of action in the body; and for the Dailybacs different starting points in the organism where the appropriate ingredients should work and help. We have also built the Dailybacs formulation according to this principle.

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The right gut feeling

The two founders of mybacs, Sebastian & Carl, have known each other since they went to school together and have been close friends. After graduating from high school, Sebastian studied pharmaceutical sciences, while Carl devoted himself to his business studies. Even during their studies, the two were very enthusiastic about the topic of founding a company. So they started early on to build a network consisting of experts on the subject of health and the microbiome. First, they focused their research on the problem of travelers' diarrhea. However, they quickly realized that countless people struggle with intestinal and digestive problems on a daily basis. Together with the doctor Dr. Adrian Weingart (Product Manager at mybacs) they finally developed Dailybacs in 2019.

We founded mybacs in 2018 with the belief that better health starts with better ingredients and that our microbiome is the mirror of our health. We know where everything comes from and why it's there. Some call it obsession, we call it responsibility.


Scientific Advisory Board

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Wolfgang Meyer-Sabelleck

Prof. Dr. med.

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Neha is her

Dr. with, MBA

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Patrick Scholler

Dipl. - Eng. Dr. rrr. nat.

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Thomas Borcholte

Dipl. Biochem. Dr. rer. hum. biol.

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Wolfgang Graef

Dr. with.


We Care!

The perfect team is at least as important as the perfect product.

Every day we in the mybacs marketing team ask ourselves: What can we do even better? How can we make information even easier to understand and how do you get the best service in the end? Performance, strategy and branding to create the best possible experience for you, all around the brand and product!

Trust and quality are our top priority, because you as a customer should not be responsible must! We are your contact for your requirements and answer all your questions. If your package gets stuck somewhere halfway, we'll make sure it gets to you. If you are not sure about the effect or intake or you have a specific question about it or feedback - we are here for you. We are your mybacs support team!