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Here you will find the latest scientific findings about the human microbiome. As well as many other exciting articles - researched by us, written for you. So that you are always guaranteed to be up to date!


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In our Healthy Guides, we dive a little deeper into health and the microbiome. We take up current trend topics and talk to experts about Body & Mind. You can easily download the Healthy Guides for free so you can read them whenever you want. If you have a topic that interests you or you think you can contribute something to a topic as an expert, please send us an email to info@mybacs.com.

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Happy Gut Kitchen

Our recipes are developed for you in cooperation with Epi Food. We make sure that the ingredients are gut-friendly and have a positive effect on you. Most recipes are vegan/vegetarian, as we believe a plant-based diet is the best way to support your microbiome. So that you don't have to look for the recipes every time, you can click on the respective picture and save it as a pin in your Pinterest account.

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