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More FAQs about our products

Can I take the products with other dietary supplements?

Yes, the products can be taken with other dietary supplements without hesitation.

Should I take the capsules with food?

We recommend taking probiotics on an empty stomach to limit the impact of digestive enzymes and bile salts. However, you know your body best - if you find it more comfortable to take the capsules after or during meals, that's no problem.

Can I keep the capsules in my pill box?

Keeping in your own pill box is not recommended as bacterial cultures are sensitive to light. Our glass is designed to protect the capsules. Therefore, they should be kept in it.

What happens if I miss/forget one or more days?

It doesn't hurt if you miss a day or even if you miss a few. However, daily intake is recommended for best results. This is because our probiotics are transient microbes that travel through your colon (where most of your microbiome resides). For this reason, continuous intake is important.

Do I have to refrigerate my products?

The short answer is no. No cooling is necessary. This is a question we get a lot as many probiotics are sold in the refrigerated section of grocery stores and retailers. However, unlike perishable foods, refrigeration does not imply “freshness” or superiority. Indeed, if a probiotic does not survive at ambient temperature outside the refrigerator, it may reflect poor product stability, low numbers of viable organisms, or insufficient excesses in the formulation. Our probiotic strains are stable at ambient temperature (up to 25°C). If your home is constantly warmer for a longer period of time, we recommend cooling in an oxygen-tight container to protect the products from moisture.

What happens when the product has expired?

It is safe to take the products even if they have expired. If your product has expired, please let us know and we will still replace it free of charge.


What payment methods are there?

For a one-time purchase, you can pay via Paypal, credit & debit card, invoice or instant transfer. You can choose the payment method in the second step at checkout after you have entered your contact information. If you take out a subscription with us, you can pay via Paypal, credit & debit card and SEPA direct debit mandate.

How do I change the payment method for my subscription?

Simply log in to your customer account and click on change payment method. We will charge your new payment method in the future. If this is too complicated for you, you can also activate us via support@mybacs.com kont and we will make the changes for you.


customs and shipping costs

Since our mybacs have a reduced tax rate of 2.5%, there are no customs costs up to a value of CHF 200. We take care of the shipping costs.

Which delivery service will process my order?

Within Germany: Starter Kit and Refill* with Deutsche Post Warenpost (incl. tracking). Outside of Germany: Starter Kit and Refill* with DHL International (including tracking). *Since the refills are sent in letter format, they usually land comfortably in your mailbox.

Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver throughout the EU and Switzerland. More countries will follow soon!! Can I also have my order delivered to a Packstation? Unfortunately, a Packstation is not possible as a shipping address, as recurring deliveries are sent by post instead of DHL.

My package has not arrived. And now?

Although we try to deliver all packages as quickly as possible, things can always go wrong. If your package is delayed or does not arrive, please send us an email to support@mybacs.com und and we will find a solution.

My package is incomplete. What can I do?

Although we try to pack packages correctly, things can always go wrong. If your package is incomplete or incorrectly packed, please contact us via support@mybacs.com in and we will take care of it.

I gave the wrong address when I placed my order. Can I still change that?

That can happen from time to time. We can usually change the address as long as the order has not yet been shipped. So please contact us as soon as possible at support@mybacs.com bei and we'll see what we can do!


I have forgotten my password. What now?

You can reset your password under “My Account”. You will then receive your new password by email.

How is my first delivery different from all future deliveries?

With your first delivery you will also receive a glass jar in addition to your probiotics. This should be used to store the probiotics in the future.

I lost/damaged my glass jar. How can I get a new one?

No problem! Something like that happens. Just send us an e-mail under support@mybacs.com and we will send you a new glass jar.

How do I find my subscription on the website?

Simply log in via your customer account. On the first page you will find information about your current subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply log into your customer account and click on cancel subscription. If this is too complicated for you, you can also activate us under support@mybacs.com kont. Your subscription will be canceled at the next possible date.

How do I change the shipping/billing address for my subscription?

Simply log in to your customer account and click on change shipping/billing options. If this is too complicated for you, you can also activate us under support@mybacs.com kont and we will make the changes for you.

When will my subscription fee be debited?

The amount due will be debited each time we prepare your order. For the first purchase, it will be debited when the order is successfully received. The amount will be debited four days before the goods are shipped.

Is there a minimum term for the subscription?

There is no minimum term for the subscription. However, if you want to cancel your subscription, you should do so before the amount due is debited.

Can I pause my subscription?

After logging into your customer portal, click Delivery schedule in the left menu to view all upcoming deliveries for your subscriptions. To skip a delivery, simply click skip to the right of each order.

Is there a cancellation period for the subscription?

There is no notice period for the Dailybacs monthly subscription. Unfortunately, once you have decided on the three months and paid in advance, you can no longer cancel this.


How do I register an account?

On our homepage you will find a button in the top right corner to register or log in.